Dark King

Basic DetailsEdit

Species: Spirt/Human

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Friends: Ice King


He was a hero back in his world until he turned corrupted by the death axe he holds. His only passion is to cause misery and depression amongst Ooo and other realms. He lives in the Night-O-Sphere where he was locked away by Marcelines Dad. He escaped his clutches and has a castle far away from the the main areas of the Night-O-Sphere.

Relation to Ice KingEdit

Before he was locked away he had met the Ice King as he was kidnapping a princess. DK also made Ice King want to kidnap more princesses after convincing him that he could rule the lands of Ooo, but due to Finn and Jake heroic "punches with mittens" he had amnesia, so he can't remeber the conversation.

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